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Coaching/Online Class


Write 7 Blog Posts in 8 Weeks

Learn how to create an endless stream of content in 8 weeks.


Blogging for SEO

Discover how easy it is to optimize your blog posts (and web pages) for SEO, research keywords and get found online!


Content Calendars

Find out how easy it is to brainstorm fresh content ideas and stave off writer’s block.


7 Professionally Edited Posts

Ask questions, stay motivated and get feedback in 8 half-hour coaching sessions that include professional edits of your blog posts.


Receive a New Video Lesson Each Week for 8 Weeks

Learn each week at a time that’s convenient for you.


Make More Money With Affiliate Marketing

Learn how to add affiliate links into your copy to optimize your passive income.


Hello?! Is Any of This Working?

Complimentary 1, 3, and 6-month support to keep your site aligned with your goals.


Write 7 Blog Posts

I provide professional editing on each of the 7 blog posts, learn how to self-edit for future posts or find out how to hire an editor for every budget.

9 Self-Guided Videos

You’ll receive a self-guided class for each week (and a bonus video for Week 0!) sent right to your inbox. Learn at your own pace, in your own space.



Stay accountable for your writing/posting for 8 weeks and learn how to build strong habits for the future (includes hacks on tricking yourself into writing!).

My Blogging Story

Back when I started my first website, I used blogging as a tool to get more traffic.

At first, it felt like nothing was happening. I signed up for a few courses on SEO and blogging. I waited. Nothing happened. I kept blogging. And I waited some more. Hello? Is this working?! I felt like I was constantly asking myself. I also struggled to find time to write and create fresh content weekly.

After a few months, I started see a little nudge in traffic. I kept working on my SEO strategy and stopped obsessing over my numbers every day.

Finally (finally!) something happened.

Someone at my coworking space walked up to me and asked me how I got so many website visitors. I checked my stats and found 2K unique users had visited my site in the past month! My site traffic grew, and I began seeing nearly 3K visitors per month in less than a few months.

Now, I work with companies to help them increase their traffic, too. Through keyword research and search engine optimized blog posts, many of my clients get thousands (and some even tens of thousands) of visitors per month.

I created this course because sometimes you just don’t have the budget to hire a writer — or sometimes you just want to create your own content. The biggest challenge? That Hello? Is this working?! moment. I almost gave up because the time it took to write a blog post wasn’t worth the paltry traffic my site was seeing.

My hope is that this course will get you over the humps, keep you motivated and give you the confidence you need to succeed. You’ll also walk away with seven professionally edited blog posts to get your blog going, a user-friendly website experience and some pretty cool hacks to save time and write posts even faster.


Class Details



Watch each weekly lesson on your own time at your own pace.


Weekly consultations with your teacher to ensure you stay on track.


Additional homework some weeks to ensure comprehension of topics.


Write one blog post each week for 7 weeks.


Weekly worksheets and homework spreadsheets to stay motivated.

Class Syllabus


Week 0: Consultation

Talk to your instructor to determine your goals and needs for the course.


Week 1: User Experience

Determine if your site is user friendly and optimized to sell your services/spread your message.


Week 2: SEO Vs. Non-SEO Content

Brainstorm ideas for endless content and discover the anatomy of a properly optimized blog post.


Week 3: SEO Keyword Research

Coming up with keyword ideas, optimizing your search terms and common SEO mistakes.


Week 4: Front-End SEO I

Anatomy of a search-engine-optimized blog post; SEO tips and tricks.


Week 5: Front-End SEO II

Optimizing your site for search engines and marketing your blog with backlinks and blogger outreach.


Week 6: Finding Your Voice/Grammar and Affiliate Marketing

Find your voice by using tips and tricks to write in a natural speaking tone; learn how to self-edit. We also learn about affiliate marketing and benefiting from passive income this week.


Week 7: Creating an Endless Stream of Content

Create a content calendar for the next three months, stave off writers’ block, and becoming a brainstroming powerhouse!


Week 8: Hello? Is Any of This Actually Working?!

End your 8-week course with the tools you need to move forward and continue blogging; complimentary 1, 3, and 6-month follow-ups.

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At the end of this program you’ll have…


7 perfectly edited blog posts on your blog.


A content calendar, full of three months’ worth of post ideas.


Backlinks from other blogs (important for SEO!).


10 researched keywords to jumpstart your search engine optimization.


Hacks to handle weeks when you don’t have time to blog, writers’ block and self-doubt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This Blogging Course/Coaching For?

Ultimately, anyone who wants to write a blog, get their services and/or message out to the world and optimize their website for search engines. It’s designed mostly for bloggers who are either new to writing and/or SEO. 

Is This Course/Coaching Program Good for Beginners?

Yes! As long as you have a website, you can start blogging immediately. I recommend using a site/domain (like WordPress or SquareSpace) instead of blogging through a blogging platform (like blogger). You’ll get the most out of this course. Though, you don’t need to!

Are you going to try to sell me on anything? Do I need to purchase a domain/server subscription/etc. from you?

No! There are blogging courses out there that make money through affiliate marketing when you sign up for these services (and require you to do so before sending ‘Lesson #1’. Outside of the cost of the course/coaching program itself, you don’t need to buy anything else.

Do I need a website to start this course?

Yes. And no. I recommend setting up a website with a blog. You can always just blog from a blogging platform (like Blogger) but I think it’s bettter to set up your own site. If you need help with this, I provide this as an add-on service.

Is this course/coaching program just for food and travel writers?

No, I specialize in food and travel writing — but the skills you’ll learn in this course/coaching program will work for any field.

Is the course self-paced? What if I don’t want the coaching portion?

I designed the program to be self-guided week-to-week (though it’s best to complete the course in 10 weeks or less). The whole point of the course is to start creating positive habits that will help you make blogging a weekly routine. That being said, you can certainly purchase the course without the coaching program and/or take more than 10 weeks to complete both.

Can I get a refund if i’m not happy with the course content?

The short answer? No. It’s not profitable to offer this course content for ‘free.’ If you’re really unhappy with the course, please email me and we’ll work something out.

How much homework is involved each week?

There’s at least one hour of homework each week. Some weeks there will be more; other weeks, lessons are shorter. Starting on ‘Week 2,’ you’ll be writing one blog post per week (in addition to other assignments sometimes). I’ll give you a breakdown of how much homework you can expect each week so you can plan appropriately! 

What’s my ROI on this? How many unique users per week should I see visiting my site after completing the course.

This one is totally up to you. If you complete all the assignments and complete the coursework, you should see your number nudge. Results will also vary if you have a newer site or are just starting out. 

Will there be other students in the course with me?

There might be others completing the course at the same time as you. No matter when you start, you’ll get the option to network online with other students; you don’t need to network if you don’t want to, but your site will do better if you work with other bloggers.

What happens after the course is over? Can I keep working with you?

Yes! After the course is over, you’ll get three quick check-ins to ensure you’re still feeling great about your blogging progress. You’ll also have the option to purchase more consultation segments or editing services.

What if I don’t have a website or a blog? Can you set one up for me?

I can set up a drag-and-drop website for you that’s easy to update on your own. Or, you can sign up for my mini course on creating your own website.

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