I offer a variety of services to meet just about any budget. From my 8-week blogging course to full content creation/development to SEO keyword research, your site will be optimized in no time.

8-Week Blogging Course

Content Writing

No time to blog on your own or create endless streams of content? Want to level up your SEO strategy and increase your unique monthly visitors? Google loves longer content, posted more frequently. 

My monthly content strategy and writing services start at $400/month for four SEO articles. Turnkey services start at $500/month and include meta descriptions, images and CMS uploads. Keyword research is included in all content strategy packages.

Want to create your own online presence, content strategy and blog posts… but don’t know how to get started? My Blog Course and Coaching will help you set up a year’s worth of content. 

Write seven professionally-edited blog posts in eight weeks. Learn how to create a content strategy and brainstorm a year’s worth of content in one day. Research keywords and use them in SEO posts. Let your brand shine through your copy by learning how to use voice and tone. Basically, it’s everything I know about creating great content in eight weeks.

8-Week Blogging Course and Coaching

Web Design/UX Redesign

Need a responsive website that matches your brand? I can build one that’s easy for you to update — or or I can update for you. User experience is everything; customer can’t buy from you if they can’t find your services and products.

You can’t build a house if you don’t own the land. And you can’t create content if you don’t have the online real estate. I can help you build a site (or redesign one). Consider it a blank canvass for your content.

Want to start making money off your website or blog immediately? I can help you create additional revenue streams on your blog and website — even if you’re  already selling your products and services. 

I can perform a consultation and recommend adding services and affiliate links. I can even hook you up with other businesses to trade affiliate links and set up your site (with links) for you.

Site Monetization

Keyword Research and Optimization

When it comes to reaching new customers and getting organic traffic, SEO is everything. I can provide you with (minimum) eight researched keywords to get you started on your first two months’ of blog post topics.

If you want to write your own blog posts but need help with SEO, I can research keywords for you. Need a little help optimizing your posts and formatting them for SEO? I can also provide professional edits to ensure your posts are as professional as possible. Clarity matters!

Add on any of these services to any other service for a polished website and professional blog posting:

– Web development or redesign

– Professional editing

– SEO keyword research and optimization

– Site monetization


Add-On Services


Content Ideas

Let’s Work Together!

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