Alicia Butler

Writer, Journalist, Content Specialist, Front-End SEO Strategist

Hi, I’m Alicia. I’ve been a freelance business, travel, food and lifestyle writer for the past 15 years.

My passion is helping companies — big and small — grow their audience. If you have something to say or a product or service to sell, I can give your message a platform.

Have a desire to write your own blog? Together, we’ll create a strategy that drives traffic and complements your brand.

Want to find additional passive revenue streams? I can incorporate a network of affiliate marketing techniques into your website and blog posts. Want to sell more services and products? I can enhance your user experience to do just that.


Featured Service: 8-Week Blogging Class With Optional Coaching

Brainstorm a Year’s Worth of SEO Content in 8 Weeks


Travel Writing

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Business Writing

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Food/Lifestyle Writing

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Web Content

Don’t have time to blog on your own or create endless streams of content? Want to level up your SEO strategy and increase your unique monthly visitors? Google loves longer content, posted more frequently. Don’t have time to write all that content? I can help.

Blog Coaching

Want to create your own online presence, content strategy and blog posts but don’t know how to get started? Maybe you can’t find the time or aren’t seeing results. My Blog Coaching will help you set up a year’s worth of content. Watch your site stats rise.

Web Design/UX Redesign 

Need a responsive website that matches your brand? I can build one that’s easy for you to update — or I can update for you. User experience is everything; customer can’t buy from you if they can’t find your services and products.

Blog Monetization


Want to start making money off your website or blog immediately? I can help you create additional revenue streams on your blog and website — even if you’re  already selling your products and services. (This is an add-on service.)  


Is Blogging Really Important?

If you want customers to find your website through internet searches like Google, you’re going to need to continuously update your site. The most cost-effective way to do that? Start a blog

Increase Web Traffic

The most popular reason to start blogging? Increasing your site’s visitors/unique visitors each month. Customers can’t buy your products and services if they can’t find you. Even if you use other marketing funnels, such as email marketing and Facebook ads, blogging can help you advertise your site for free — practically while you sleep.

Create Authority

The most important reason to blog is to create authority on your site. Why should potential customers buy your products and services over your competitors’? Create a bond with your visitors through blogging. Create authority, tell a story and entertain everyone who visits your site — and you’ll keep ‘em coming back for more.

Additional Revenue Streams

Even if you’re making money off your products and services, you can always create additional revenue streams and passive income. Everyone — from big-name publications like GOOP and Bon Appetite to influencers and bloggers — use these techniques. And you should too.

Blog Coaching: 8-Week Course

  • Work one-on-one with a writing/front-end SEO coach
  • Create an endless stream of content in only 8 weeks
  • Learn how to write SEO blog posts that increase traffic
  • Sell more products and services
  • Create additional streams of revenue and passive income
  • Increase monthly unique visitors and repeat users
  • Drive traffic to other pages on your site with easy tweaks
  • Enhance your user experience and streamline your brand
  • Write blog posts that keep working for you — weeks after you’ve written them
  • Learn how to overcome writer’s block
  • Use your blog to create content for social media
  • Create content that helps your customers
  • Share your message, services and products  with the world

Class syllabus

Site/Blog Monetization 

  • Professional consultation and site analysis 
  • Sell more services and products through a user experience upgrade
  • Consultation to determine avenues for passive streams of income
  • Plan of action to create additional streams of income and sell more products and services
  • Turn-key implementation of plan on website 
  • One, three and six-month check-ins to ensure success 

Content Creation

  • Create engaging content that fits your site’s brand and tone
  • Incorporate SEO keywords and phrases to drive traffic
  • All posts and pages are professionally written and edited
  • Turn-key services, such as article uploads, meta data descriptions and image sourcing and formatting available
  • Decrease bounce rates and drive service and product sales with inbound links
  • Save time and money by handing content creation over to a professional

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Website Development

  • Simple website with a drag-and-drop interface
  • Responsive site that’s so easy to update, you can do so in the future
  • Option to purchase a maintenance plans for ongoing updates
  • Add-on templates for customized blog pages to promote services and products

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